Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 months, 11 days since our debut date of "The Bay Gull"

Thank you to everyone who has supported the launch of our first children's book, "The Bay Gull," which was officially released on July 1, 2009.
Since those first 7 author appearances, children's readings and book signings, over 400 copies of the book have been sold and we are currently working with 15 independent stores in RI plus one in AZ (we haven't had too much time to promote the book here in AZ!) We are excited for the success and know that there is much more activity to come in the near future so check back to hear about everything going on.
Many people have approached us about writing children's books and wanting to be published. One of our greatest joys is to share with others our road in hopes that it helps motivate and/or inspire someone else to follow a dream. This has truly been a team effort between myself and my wife. Combined, we are able to bring the artistic/creative elements together with business tools needed to take an idea, make a product and promote it. We are both complete novices in the realm of publishing and we have no idea whether we would be considered a failure or success in the world of children's book publishing. We have hit some of our goals, missed others and have a long road ahead of us if the cash flow from the book ever goes beyond enough to reinvest. Our paychecks so far have been for the heart and we continue to put in lots of hours to promote the book knowing that as soon as "The Bay Gull" is making money, our business will be investing in our next project!
If you don't know the story about the idea behind the book, check it out on our website, We also have lots of great information on our group page TINK INK Publishing on Facebook so please become a Fan!!
We'll be blogging about our journey and would love to take you along for the ride so feel free to join us as a member on the site, subscribe, comment and all that fun stuff!
Emerson & Mona